The ‘Freedom’ Foundation is trying to get state employees’ personal contact information.

Why do they want to contact you about your Union membership? It’s simple.

We stand in the way. Our union protects public employees and the public good. As long as we’re strong they can’t get their hands on the billions of dollars invested each year in public services and public education.

They want to dismantle government, cut public services and outsource public jobs to the private sector. They are a front group for the ultra wealthy and funded by special interests.  Get the facts.



The Freedom Foundation is after us.

They want the personal information of all state employees. Why?

They’re after our pensions, healthcare and pay. They want to destroy our union.

But together, we win.


The ‘Freedom’ Foundation has an agenda.

Let’s talk about it.



The ‘Freedom’ Foundation has publicly opposed pay raises for state employees.
“It makes little sense to promote a pay raise for state employees who are satisfied enough with their jobs that 90% of them choose to remain employed by the state,” Amber Gunn, Freedom Foundation Blog.

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The ‘Freedom’ Foundation wants to end public employee pensions.
“Everything should be on the table . . . states should consider replacing their defined-benefit plans with defined-contribution 401(k) plans,” Bob Williams, founder of the “Freedom” Foundation.

Get the facts on RETIREMENT SECURITY [click here]



The ‘Freedom’ Foundation wants to eliminate public services and good jobs.
“The state and taxpayers would be better off competitively contracting (out) jobs that already exist within the private sector,” Amber Gun, Freedom Foundation Blog

Get the facts on PRESERVING PUBLIC SERVICES [click here]



The ‘Freedom’ Foundation wants to increase our health care monthly premium rates.
“It’s about time state worker health insurance premiums were on the table. The Evergreen Freedom Foundation has long recommended that state workers pay a bigger share . . . ” Freedom Foundation Official Blog.

Get the facts on OUR HEALTHCARE [click here]



The ‘Freedom’ Foundation is a front group for wealthy special interests.
They have a long track-record of disregard for state employees who they view as overpaid and underworked.

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The ‘Freedom’ Foundation has no idea how committed we are to our work.
Public service is a calling that compels us to put the well-being of our communities first.

WE NEVER QUIT on the public good, our communities and our families.

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May 13, 2016

Release of your personal information blocked for at least two weeks; use the time to take action – Sign the petition! Change the law!

A court has effectively blocked release of your personal information to the Freedom Foundation for at least two weeks. The motion by the Federation to block release of your birthdate was continued (or postponed) until May 27. Thurston County Superior Court Judge Gary Tabor and two other judges said it makes sense (and good use of judicial time) to consider …

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May 13, 2016

Sign the #DoNotCall petition

We’ve heard from hundreds of concerned state employees who do not want Tom McCabe and the ‘Freedom’ Foundation to call their homes or visit their homes. If you’re one, SIGN THE #DoNotCall PETITION and WFSE/AFSCME will deliver notice to the Freedom Foundation to remove your name from their records.  

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April 14, 2016

TAKE ACTION to protect our privacy

  The ‘Freedom’ Foundation is demanding the state release the personal information of state employees – including your birthday! Why? So they can spam you with anti-union email. The ‘Freedom’ Foundation wants state employees to opt-out of our union to make us weaker so they can then cut our retirement, increase our health care costs, and outsource public services. EMAIL …

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March 30, 2016

IN THE NEWS Legislators urge state officials to curb Freedom Foundation politics

OLYMPIA (March 30, 2016) — Raising serious questions about the extremist Freedom Foundation’s compliance with state laws, 30 Washington State Senators and Representatives are asking Secretary of State Kim Wyman, the state Public Disclosure Commission, and Attorney General Bob Ferguson to take a closer look at the political activities of the so-called “charity.” “It appears the Freedom Foundation has grown increasingly partisan and …

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March 24, 2016

What’s going on in LD 17?

Reporter’s Notebook: What’s going on in WA’s 17th Legislative District? What’s going on with the Freedom Foundation and its heightened political intervention in Washington’s 17th Legislative District? The so-called 501c3 “non-partisan” not-for-profit “think tank” appears to have its sights set on electing a Freedom Foundation slate in this swing district near the WA/OR line. Since Senator Don Benton (R-17) announced his retirement, the wife of …

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March 9, 2016

What’s the Freedom Foundation’s real agenda?

From the Northwest Accountability Project: A new video from the Northwest Accountability Project answers the question – what’s the Freedom Foundation’s real motivation for attacking labor unions and going to the homes of public employees in Washington and Oregon? The Freedom Foundation is using a national strategy developed by conservative donors and operatives to “defund the political left” in an effort …

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