ProtectMyPrivacyThe ‘Freedom’ Foundation is demanding the state release the personal information of state employees – including your birthday! Why?

So they can spam you with anti-union email.

The ‘Freedom’ Foundation wants state employees to opt-out of our union to make us weaker so they can then cut our retirement, increase our health care costs, and outsource public services.

We need to tell our legislators how upset we are with the state giving away our personal information. Use our online form to quickly send an email directly to your legislators.

Why is the Freedom Foundation intruding on your privacy?

It’s simple. We stand in their way. Our union protects public employees and the public good.

But they want to weaken our union so they can cut government services and outsource public jobs to the private sector.

Get the facts about who funds the Freedom Foundation and what they really think of public employees and the public services we provide:


What’s the Freedom Foundation’s real agenda?

  • The ‘Freedom’ Foundation opposes pay raises for state employees.
    “It makes little sense to promote a pay raise for state employees who are satisfied enough with their jobs that 90% of them choose to remain employed by the state.” – Amber Gunn, Freedom Foundation Blog
  • The ‘Freedom’ Foundation wants to eliminate public services and good jobs.
    “The state and taxpayers would be better off competitively contracting (out) jobs that already exist within the private sector.” – Amber Gunn, Freedom Foundation Blog
  • The ‘Freedom’ Foundation wants to increase our health care monthly premium rates.
    “It’s about time state worker health insurance premiums were on the table. The Evergreen Freedom Foundation has long recommended that state workers pay a bigger share…” – Freedom Foundation Blog

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