We improve our profession for interpreters and
the Medicaid and DSHS clients we serve.

  • Our Union has stopped repeated attempts to cut funding for Medicaid medical interpreter services
  • Together, our members have helped advocate for professional pay and respect.


Why does this anti-immigrant organization think they know what’s best for interpreters?

They don’t support our work and they don’t respect the Limited English Proficient (LEP) people we serve.

The Freedom Foundation funded a “union” to try and win a union election of interpreters that take appointments from the Department of Labor & Industries (LNI). Learn more.


The Freedom Foundation provided a platform for a WA State legislator who made anti-Islamic comments that disparaged refugees fleeing for their lives.
During their radio interview, they also shared a laugh at a person’s Lebanese surname. Listen to the audio here.


In a follow up article in the Seattle Times, a Freedom Foundation staffer says that he laughed at a Lebanese surname because it sounded Middle Eastern and “possibly even Muslim.”


His explanation just reinforces what we already know: this is not an organization that shares our interpreter values of ensuring meaningful access to people with limited English proficiency, promoting intercultural communication and embracing diversity.


Our power matters in the halls of government

The Freedom Foundation wants to get our union out of the way so they can weaken our power to advocate for interpreter services. Without WFSE/AFSCME Interpreters United there will be less opposition to cutting public services, including the government programs that pay for our interpreting services.

Thanks to our strong membership, WFSE/AFSCME Interpreters United our ability to protect the funding for the medical interpreter services program and to win pay increases is all at stake!”

UNION = $46.09/hour on 7/1/23 and $47.47/hour starting 7/1/24 thanks Interpreters United’s new contract, plus guaranteed no-show and late cancellation pay

NO UNION = Sometimes only $20-$25/hour less no-show and cancellation pay


Learn more about our movement of interpreters, by interpreters, for interpreters by visiting our WFSE/AFSCME Local 1671 website: http://interpretersunited.wfse.org.

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