ImeldaHeard about the ‘Freedom’ Foundation of the super rich?

They want the freedom to attack the pay, benefits and retirement of public servants.

Why? To make the rich richer.

They did it in Wisconsin. Now they’re after us. They want to starve our union. How? Trick us into giving up our power by dropping our union membership and not paying dues. In Wisconsin, thousands of public employees and their families lost jobs, benefits, college savings, and retirements.

Now they’re trying to reach you and me. Why? Because we’re 40,000-member strong, giving us the power to stop attacks on public services, outsourcing and cuts to public employee pay and benefits.

Our power? Ask questions. The more you know, the more you’ll want them out of our state.

See who funds the Freedom Foundation


AddiePublic servants make life better for other people.

The ‘Freedom’ Foundation destroys public service.

I get mad when I think how much our union has done to protect services and public employees compared to the ‘Freedom’ Foundation who attacks public
services and our benefits.

We can stop them.

One thing I’m sure they didn’t expect: they’ve made me more committed to my fellow members of this union and the road ahead.

The Freedom Foundation is trying to steal the quality of life from 40,000 dedicated public servants, They have no idea how committed we are to our work.”


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