(11/25/15) Sydney Brownstone, SLOG

Two weeks ago, after the attacks in Paris, Washington state representative Jay Rodne posted a typo-ridden comment on Facebook, saying Islam was “incompatible” with Western civilization and imploring Americans to “arm” themselves. Soon after, Democrats called for the Republican from Snoqualmie to be ousted from his position as ranking GOP member of the House Judiciary Committee.

This week, Rodne went on a conservative podcast to respond to some of the criticism. During his interview with Freedom Foundation managing editor Jeff Rhodes, Rodne tried to justify his comments by claiming that one or two of the Paris attackers were “newly arrived Syrian refugees.” This is false. So far, every attacker and accomplice has been identified as a European citizen.

Rodne also mischaracterized statements made by FBI director James Comey about the “risk” refugees pose to national security. While Comey has acknowledged that vetting refugees is never risk-free, he also said there’s no credible threat of a Paris-type attack in the United States, and CNN has reported that Comey has concerns about the GOP-led bill to restrict Syrian refugees from entering the United States.

In a more egregious part of the interview, Rodne laughs when Rhodes makes fun of the surname of Jamal Raad, communications director for the Washington State Democrats. Raad’s father is from Lebanon.

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READ THE ARTICLE – WATCH THE VIDEO: http://www.thestranger.com/blogs/slog/2015/11/25/23190356/wa-state-representative-who-made-islamophobic-comments-makes-fun-of-democratic-spokespersons-lebanese-surname

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